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High efficiency micro-cogeneration by pyrolysis

from biomass and production waste

The C-F1 is a high-efficiency micro-cogeneration plant of the latest generation. It represents the most efficient solution to produce electricity and thermal energy from generic biomass with a low CO2 emission in the environment. Specifically, the technology we commercialize, through a very low emission pyrolysis process powered by vegetable, animal and industrial waste, is able to simultaneously produce 200 kW of thermal energy and 30 kW of electricity continuously, significantly reducing the energy costs of the related users.

C-F1: Prodotti



C-F1: Portfolio

Disposal becomes an energy opportunity

Your needs first of all

CO2 negativity and possibility of using a wide spectrum of biomass.

Respect for European objectives for the protection of the planet

Access to incentives and tax breaks

Innovative, efficient, reliable, reactive and remote controlled technology

Bi-fuel: Dual fuel system

C-F1: Servizi
C-F1: Funzionalità

C-F1 is an innovative system for converting a large variety of input carbon matrices into primary energy


In this sense, the C-F1 technology is truly disruptive if we consider the great availability of agroforestry waste in the area that must be disposed of.

The syngas produced is combusted in a combustion chamber and the exhaust fumes are relatively cleaner and more environmentally friendly


The output is thermal energy usable for any use that can be further converted into electrical energy through ORC units (Rankine).

The technological heart of C-F1 is based on different innovative and patented solutions


The fact that finally does not use internal combustion engines for power generation, makes the system reliable for over 7500 hours / year.


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